Legend Roots on Walcheren Descendants of Geert Back(1540->1560)   Laurens Back (1815-1893).... Descendants / Afstammelingen
Laurens Willemse BACK(1815-1893) + Dina GOOSEN(1819-1898) M:1836,Vrouwenpolder
    Willem BACK(1836)
    Elisabeth BACK(1837-1926) + Lourus Jozias FLORUSSE(1837-1910)
    Willem BACK(1840-1864)
    Jacobus BACK(1841-1913) + Levina WILLEBOORDSE(1849-1937) M:1869,O&W Souburg
      Louwrens BACK(1870-1879)
      Levinus BACK(1875-1945) + Johanna DOBBELAAR(1876-1943) M:1898,O&W Souburg
      Dina BACK(1883-1970) + Krijn BALJE(1883-1970)
      Lourus BACK(1889-1966) + Jaantje VAN BIENEN(1905-)
    Joos BACK(1844-1846)
    Joos BACK(1846-1928) + Maria SCHOUT(1848-1916) M:1870,Ritthem
    Pieternella BACK(1850-1911) + Theodorus Marinus VAN DER PUTTE(1847-)
    Sina BACK(1853)
    Sina BACK(1854)
    Lourus BACK(1855-1932) + Sara Josina VERSTEEG(1859-1948)
    Pieter BACK(1858-1879)
    Adriaan Christiaan BACK(1862-1956) + Adriana Pieternella SCHEIJBELER(1876-1940) M:1896,Middelburg
      Pieter Laurens BACK(1896-1955) + Elisabeth Cornelia CORTHALS(1896-1979) M:1937,Amsterdam
        Ivo Pieter BACK(1931-) + Geertruida Saapke BLOKKER(1934-) M:1957,Haarlem
        Adriaan Christiaan BACK(1935-)
        Pieter Laurens BACK(1937-) + Frieda DE BRUIJN(1939-)
        Robert Anton BACK(1939-) + Tanja VRIENS(1941-)
      Adriana Johanna BACK(1897-1976) + Gijsbertus VAN DEN KUILEN(1895-1958)
      Dina Pieternella BACK(1899-1990) + Johannes DOORNEBOS(1899-1985)
      Cornelia Bastiana BACK(1902-1990) + Paul Johannes IHME(1904-1958)
      Theodora Maria BACK(1906-1981) + Mauritz JESAYES(1901-1988)
      Elisabeth Christina BACK(1907-1945) + Johannes Andreas LOOS(1905-1956)
      Pieternella Adriana BACK(1910-) + Jan KLAVER(1910-1989)

Genealogie Back by Ivo P. Back    http://www.cqconsult.nl/Back/
This genealogical information is collected by Ivo Pieter Back, born 31 may 1931
in Amsterdam, son of Pieter Laurens Back and Elisabeth Cornelia Corthals. 
In 1942 during the German occupation of the Netherlands, Pieter Laurens Back 
collected some information to protect Theodora Back born 15.3.1906 in Middelburg
to be declared as Jewish . She was married with Max Jesayes, who flew to Great 
Britain during the second world war. Beginning around 1960 Ivo Back picked up
the line again. The aim now is to find all the descendants (with the name Back 
or Bak) of Geert Back, born around 1530 perhaps somewhere in Flandres,Belgium.
The American branch of the BACK genealogy is worked out by Mrs. Back Palmer.
We are still missing the descendants of:
- Anthony Back, born 17 jan 1880 in Middelburg, The Netherlands, he went to 
  Wisconsin in 1911, probably living in Town of Lima or City of Plymouth in 1926
- Jan Back, born 21 june 1824 in Oostkapelle, the Netherlands, died 1898 in 
  Fulton Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
If you can help us with information, please write to I.Back. 
Each year an update of this version will be made.

back/dt-lwb.htm, september 1999
Compiled by Izašk De Pagter
Ivo Pieter Back
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