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Different persons with the surname "Pagter", "de Pagter", "Pachter" or "de Pachter" investigated their roots. On these pages the results of their efforts are brought together. Most of the information stems from the State Archives of which is one in every Province Capital of the Netherlands. The one in Middelburg, capital of the Province of Zeeland, is the main source. Since 1811 (and for some places a few years earlier) birth, marriage and death registers are maintained by the municipalities. Also here you can find church registers for baptism, wedding and burial. These records sometimes go back into the seventeenth century. The handwritings are mostly very difficult to read and can be completely unreadable for people who don't master the Dutch language.
Next to this source of information more recent data on de Pagter families are collected through inquiries by Ike de Pagter (1995) and Johan and Hendrik de Pagter (1996).

The surname (de) Pachter appeared on Walcheren in the 17th century and was often changed to (de) Pagter during the course of the 18th century. Not all (de) Pagter families have their roots on Walcheren. The surname "Pachter" also originates from the Northern part of Germany. Some other people have the surname "Pagters". The source for this name is yet unknown to us. Finally we found that the name "Pagter" arose independently in Denmark. That may be due to the similarity of the Danish language and the dialects spoken in the province of Zeeland. This similarity possibly stems from the early Middle Ages, when people from Denmark and Norway (the Vikings) found their way to Walcheren. Anyway the word "Pagter" has the same meaning in Danish and in Dutch: tenant-farmer.

Present day people with the surname "de Pagter" who have the island of Walcheren as their cradle, belong to the descendants of a few ancestors from the 17th century:

If there is a connection between these two branches is not yet clear.

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For practical purposes the family tree of Jan de Pachter (who lived from 1624 to after 1667) is devided into a number of descendant tables, in such a way that subtrees start in the early 19th century with male de Pagters born after the introduction of the registration system of the "Burgerlijke Stand" (introduced by Napoleon Bonaparte of France, in 1808 to 1811 depending on the location). These tables include the de Pagters living today.
Another set of tables starts with de Pagters born in the early 18th century. Data on these people are less certain and depend mostly on Church records.

A shortcut to these tables from their common predecessor follows here.

Jan DE PACHTER(1624-1667+) + Maetje JANS(-1671) M:1653,Meliskerke
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